How to Make Money Online — The 3 Levels

Simplified principles and strategies to hone the skill of making money online.



Photo from Pexels by Fauxels

I can’t get the new football cleats. Mom’s not buying me the cool superhero costume for Halloween. I’m fairly broke and can’t take my date to the movies.

We’ve all been there — trust me.

However, in today’s day and age, the Internet has allowed us to rack up a few dollars here and there.

Many have gone on to make enough to not only cover their monthly expenses but to make it their full-time job and be able to leave their depressing 9–5s.

Read ahead, as I let you in on how you can multiply your income without having to work multiple jobs — only through the power of the Internet.

Level One: Make Money Online by Selling Your Services

This one is probably the easiest level of making money online, something I recommend to everyone who’s just starting off to make side cash through the internet.

Although, we need to be prepared with two things when we’re setting up shop to sell our services on the internet. We need to -

  1. Develop a skill that people are willing to pay for
  2. Find people that are willing to pay for that skill

Developing a skill that people are willing to pay for

Personally, I started off selling my services as a web and graphic designer, two of the skills that I’ve always been keen to learn as I grew up.

It’s completely fine if you’re thinking that you don’t have a valuable skill to offer, I thought the same when I started off.

Thankfully, using Google — or your preferred search engine, you can find a ton of free information and resources that will teach you all the skills that you require to start earning money from wherever you are in the world, pretty much, as long as you have a reasonable internet connection.

This includes skills like website designing, content writing, data entry, illustration designing, and virtual assistance to name a few.




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