7 Profitable Business Ideas You Can Start With $0

Businesses you can start today with no investment



Photo from Pexels by Andrea Piacquadio

If you clicked on this article then you probably have had aspirations of starting your own business but at the same time your afraid of looking at your own bank account not knowing if you can even afford a Big Mac

If you can sort of relate to the above, then you’re in luck!

There are a number of businesses you can start with little to no investment and I’ll be listing a few examples for you to gain inspiration from.

At the same time, I will be telling you how you can channel your resources in the right direction and avoid unnecessary hassle.

Everything will be purely based on the experience I gained throughout my career to become make multiple 6-figures because who else would know how it feels to be broke better than someone who had zero dollars in his bank a few years back?

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

The Tough Ones

First of all, let’s get some of the no-go businesses out of the equation.

Real Estate

Real estate is not a broke man’s game and when you are thinking of starting a business with empty pockets, you need to understand that this is not the place you should begin with.

In today’s competitive world, only the big boys can get into this because you stand parallel to the banks and it’s not an easy battle to win unless you have cash pelting down on you from all sides.

The only way you can make money in real estate without huge sums is by deal packaging (i.e you will get some commission from the deals you facilitate).

But that too is not a very secure income


Again, if you don’t have the big bucks don’t go for this business model.

The software business requires a lot of investment and even big companies like Infusionsoft and Salesforce go down the hole before they even start making money on their products.

Creating software is one big issue but then marketing and distribution are other big headaches. You…




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